Evening by the Fjord

It is well known that we Norwegians love outdoor activities, but the thing is that it doesn’t have to be strenuous or difficult nor planned for an expedition! The best way to spend a summer night is doing that outdoor, together with your friends and beloved ones.

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We bring with us something to drink and food to prepare on the fire, and find a nice place by the fjord.  A perfect night would be windstill and warm with glittering reflections from the Midnight Sun on the quiet fjord. But the most important is always just to be there, relax by the fire, barbeque something, talk or just stay quiet. Maybe wander around a little bit.

Listening to the sea birds as they fly around, maybe we are lucky to see some small whales (porpoises) or dolphins (white-beaked) that sometimes come very close to the shore.

We will take pictures of course, and the best ones we will send to your email.

Since we know where in the world we are living, we always bring extra clothing with us, and we recommend you to do the same.



  • Hotdogs for the barbeque
  • Hot beverages
  • Snacks
  • Pictures from your trip


The walk is not long nor strenuous but will be over uneven ground. Good walking shoes are recommended.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will see the midnight sun as it is weather-dependent

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Pick-up time



3,5 hours



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